ACT Enty Active [D-lis] 魔女は復讐の夜に

Jul 24, 2018
I honestly have no idea how to reach the new area, is it around the breakable bridge above the save altar in the waterfalls?

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well, go back to spider boss area, move left on top, there is a white spider enemy, finish it then go left, you'll see a place can enter, enter then climb up, you'll see there is a door, enter it, then you'll reach new area, moving left, you can find short cut, moving right, you can find research lab.
btw, there is no save point in research lab yet.
Oct 9, 2009
Hmm this is strange. So for the first time ever I tried to play the game with a controller. Got absolutely trashed by the spider boss. Huh. Switched back to KB+M and trashed the spider boss easily. Weird.
Nov 1, 2011
Or the Medusa heads... Those things are what made the early Castlevania games a nightmare for me. o_O

But if they were to do a binding animation I would tolerate them a bit more. ;)