Dragonstar: Character Sheets


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Nov 21, 2008
Post up your character sheets for the Dragonstar game, folks. As before, any ranks/results of skill levels/etc from the new skills introduced in the campaign setting should be posted in the post along with the sheet.

Couple of things on Chargen:

Starting level is level 3, we'll be starting out with 30k credits per character, and we'll be using the point-buy system of Pathfinder, which means you'll get 20 points to pick and choose your stats based on the table on the SRD.

Most, if not all characters, will have the Technological Proficiency feat for free, granted they're actually a part of technological society. If you're fresh from the Outlands, whoop, no luck there mate.

Another thing: If you're designing a character sheet, use a basic PF character sheet, and just post any of the new skills you have here on the forums along with their ranks and whatnot. I.E, Demolitions or Use Device skills, which come with the Dragonstar setting.

As for starting equipment, you get any euipment in the starter kits that your class comes with if it's a Dragonstar-specific class, and for non-dragonstar classes, they get the following for free:

One (1) suit of armor for free, of the Medium type or lighter,
One (1) of each of the following: A ranged weapon, of the Simple and Small varieties, as well as a Melee weapon of the Martial One-Handed or lighter/simpler
One (1) Omnitool Data Module (Treated as a standard Datapad, completely able to recieve software and such.
Three (3) Software of any type, excluding Scrollware or Spellware, which come pre-loaded on a caster's Omnitool.
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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Dragonstar: Character Sheets

Herp derp.

Not finished yet, gotta turn the anti paladin into a proper sith and stuff.