Haunted Room


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Nov 24, 2008
A musty old room with expensive but old furniture, a soft carpet on the floor and daylight filtering in through dirty windows, there's something strange in the air...

Special rules: Each round there is a 25% chance of an orgasm ghost appearing and attacking the combatants. These ghost will not evolve or split to form more ghosts, instead they will disappear if they should gather maximum EP.

Monster Name: Orgasm Ghost, tier 1
Monster Type: Undead
Monster Class: Mage
Body: 10
Mind: 30
Spirit: 10

Pleasure to Orgasm (PP): 40
Spirit Energy (EP): 60
Speed: 18
Dodge: 25
Armor: 0
Resistance: 15
Perception: 25
Stealth: 15
Grapple: 10

Focus in Force

Open Soul
Suck You Dry

Night Eyes
Malleable Form
Soul Eater
Naturally Warped
Daylight Weakness
Physical Damage Resistance 1/4

Ghostly: This creature’s body is partially incorporeal in nature, granting it +10 Dodge vs. Physical attacks.
Naturally Invisible: This creature can become invisible at will, granting it +20 to Stealth. This ability doesn’t consume EP.

Base Casting: 15
Favored Elements: Force

Maximize Spell
Silent Magic

Description: Orgasm Ghosts are a mysterious race of creatures, referred to as “ghosts” by those who have encountered them due to their ability to literally vanish from sight without a moment’s notice, and for the fact that they are encountered almost exclusively in dark, rundown, or otherwise abandoned locations. Vaguely humanoid in shape, their “bodies” are nearly incorporeal in nature, making them difficult to harm with physical attacks as they sometimes seem to pass right through them.

While they are not capable of inflicting physical pain or injury, Orgasm Ghosts “attack” their prey by sneaking up on them and touching the most sexually sensitive regions on their victims’ bodies with an immensely pleasurable vibration, continuing their assault and feeding on their victims’ sexual energy until they orgasm, and then sneak away again just as quickly. This strange behavior is what earned them their mischievous reputation and the moniker “Orgasm Ghost”.

When an Orgasm Ghost has absorbed enough energy, that built up energy causes a reaction within their bodies that results in one of two things: The first – and more common – is that the energy divides and causes the Orgasm Ghost to split into two separate, but identical entities, much in the same way that slimes do. The second is that the Orgasm Ghost “evolves”, its mass of collected energy fusing together within its core and causing it to grow in power, transforming it into a Phantasm.