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Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
This is going to work a bit differently from the regular DG rules. I've got some of the rules already done, but I'm a bit busy right now, so just consult the OOC thread for details about stuff. The fluff, as barebones as it's going to be, will be written in later. Also, Squid, if you want to come up with that yourself, just PM it to me. It'll save me the trouble of writing it all myself.

First thing's first: Once Both parties have agreed on a fight, they just have to post the sheet they're using for that battle into the arena thread, with the name of their opponent. Either the person's forum name or their character name should suffice. Then, they write up the intro post of them climbing into the ring, along with their first actions, and away we go.

The Island!

The bouts will take place on a mysterious tropical island, in fact a sub dimension crafted by the realms hidden daemon host. Featuring shelter and bountiful food and drink for all it's guests. There is no perceivable form of restraint for the abducted residents, but also no where else to go. Should anyone attempt to swim or fly out to sea, they will find themselves infallibly coming back to the same island they left. Across the island are various arenas, intended for special sports catering to the daemon hosts entertainment.

Arena list!

The Mud Pit - Contains mud. A basic arena with no modifiers.
The Love Nest - A giant round bed like arena, very soft and featuring lots of pillows. Otherwise a basic arena with no modifiers.
The Beach - A nice warm sandy beach by the sea.
The Slime Arena - A think coating of slick slime across the arena floor and walls cause character's that touch it to gradually lose Resistance. A rate of 1d6 resistance damage per turn, with 2d6 being dealt to characters that are either knocked prone, or put into in a submission hold.
The Oil Arena - Makes maintaining a grapple or landing a hit more difficult but also increases PP damage. All characters take a -10 penalty to grapple checks made to maintain a grapple or put an opponent into a submission hold, and take a -20 penalty to attack rolls. All PP damage is increased by 8, however.
The Gardens - A clearing surrounded by jungle plants. Has a 25% chance per turn of a random vine tentacle or shorn weed flower intervening in the fight.
Mental Prognosis - A warped arena filled with dark magic.
Each turn following the first, combatants will be forced to make a (Pending) DC 10 + 5X Resistance check or take 2d4 + 8X/4 foreplay pleasure damage, with X being the amount of turns that has passed from the first, and N being a yet undetermined variable. Combatants that fail three resistance checks in a row, will find themselves locked in place by a hallucination, and suffer 2d8 + 12X/3 penetration damage in addition to being stunned.
It should be noted that unlike other arenas, combat does not end upon one opponent being KOed. Rather, the arena's gates will only open once at least 12 turns of combat have passed. Should a combatant have rendered their opponent unconscious, or caused them to submit, in addition to either outlasting or escaping the arena, it is only then they will be declared a victor.
Caramel Arena - Character's are covered in sticky sweet stuff, and take a -10 penalty to Dodge and attempts to escape grapples.
The Bath House - A bath house where violence is not permitted. Sex attacks only!
The Bondage Room - A room with many "interesting" devices!

More arenas and rules adjustments pending.

1) The basic idea is, the two character's fight until one or the other either submits, is knocked out, or orgasms. More specific rules can be decided between PCs.
2) The only attack allowed is the basic unarmed strike, which deals 2d4 + Body/4, and anything that you can do while in a grapple. Any other attacks are forbidden. The only spells or powers that can be used are ones that only affect the character.
3) As this is technically PvP, we have to figure out who goes first. Basically, I'm going to roll a d20 for each character, and then pick who goes first based on that roll. Sound good?
4) Victory benefits! There should be some.
5) Buffers: There are limits. Usually discussed between people.

A lot of the rules can be negotiated to make for more interesting matches.
For example: If a spirit wielder is fighting a dedicated warrior, raising the cap for EP use might be a good idea.
Or, if one character has on obscenely high grapple stat, then maybe say that the difference between the two grapples cannot be greater than 10 (or, the weaker person needs to roll 10 higher in order to win that round.)
These are just examples, you can decide on the specifics on your own.

Methods of challenge!

For characters that would not normally wish to take part in such acts, the island has a variety of ways of making sure they do not miss out on the fun. This is primarily to help get past any RP barriers involved with getting less enthusiastic characters into the ring.

Characters may directly challenge each other at any time whilst not already in a bout.
Trying to fight someone outside an arena will result in teleportation into an arena.
Trying to sex someone up outside an arena, may also result in teleportation into an arena.
Trying to refuse someone's challenge, may also result in teleportation into an arena.
Doing absolutely nothing, may also result in teleportation into an arena.

In out of character terms, this does not mean you can auto teleport anyone else's character into an arena. To do this you must still agree with a player first. Contact eachother via PM, shoutbox, or using the in character thread whilst adding some OOC chat in brackets. Basically, if both players say yes, then a bout can begin even if one of the characters said no.

~ The Servants ~

The strange "native" people of the island. Functioning as servants in a variety of roles across the island, the first thing any newly spirited away resident would notice about them is that virtually all are identical. All essentially human in appearance, all female, fair skinned, and with lower neck length light pink hair. Their personality is serene, polite and subservient. Answering with a smile, and referring to their customers as superiors. They are emotionally non reactive to most interactions outside of their assigned role. Dedicated in their duties and service of all non servant island residents, they never express dis-satisfaction, boredom or fatigue in any of their actions. They are never seen sleeping or taking any rest for the purpose of recovery. They live to serve the residents in every way required of them, provided it does not conflict with their true masters rules or desires.

Should one wish to talk with one, the servant will readily answer simple questions, but prove poor sources of conversation due to never elaborating or raising their own topics. If asked about the nature of the island, they will explain the rules of the competitions, the enquirers role in them, and make vague mention of the "Host" of the island. Beyond that, they will claim to not have the answers sought. Another thing that would quickly become apparent, is their shared conciousness. Anything known to one servant, will be known by all servants (they make excellent waitresses). They also know the names and to a limited extent the preferences of all abducted residents. Any and all communication from the host is conveyed via the servants. As instruments of the daemon host, they are aware of everything that happens on the island, and can travel from place to place instantaneously should they need to.

Interaction with a servant beyond it's duties has differing results. They can be harmed, and even killed, but in most cases attempting to physically assault one will result in either the servant teleporting out of harms way with an unreactive dismissive comment, or in the aggressor suffering an attack of instant and temporary paralysis and blacking out. In the case of sexual advances, they will politely refuse and suggest interactions with the other residents. Forceful advances and harassment that goes far enough to obstruct their duties, will result in the same as assaulting them in any other way. Continued misconduct would result in punishment from the Host.

Current people approved to oversee matches:
Tassadar (duh,) Hafnium, Keylo, thetwo, Termite, Keylo Blind, Hentaispider and UnknownSquid
All they really have to do are the rolls.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Rules!

The important rules for this game:

Only powers that have an effect on the character using them can be used. In addition, if both contestants agree with the idea, then the Vampiric Futa power can be used for free whenever a character likes.

Grapples are d20 + Char 1's Grapple stat vs d20 + char 2's Grapple stat.
Foreplay Pleasure is 2d4 + Body/4
Penetration Pleasure is 2d8 + Body/3\

Resisting sex has been dropped to Resistance/2.

Specific rules for fights can be negotiated between combatants OOC or IC, whichever works for you.

The Grappled Status: The character is in a grapple with an enemy. All attacks or actions between two characters in a grapple are made as grapple checks instead of attack rolls. More detailed rules for grappling will be present elsewhere. Characters in a grapple cannot dodge Area of Effect attacks, and take a -10 penalty to Dodge against creatures who aren't in a grapple with them.

A list of options while in a grapple that require that the character win their grapple check:
-Penetrate (or be penetrated by) a creature.
-Perform foreplay on an opposing creature.
-Attack a creature that you are grappling with.
-Attack a creature that is not in the grapple. Taking this action also requires that the character make an attack roll as well assuming they win the grapple check, and they take a -10 penalty to their attack roll.
-Shift aside the armor of one opposing character.
-Remove the armor of one opposing character. Characters attempting this action take a -4 penalty to their grapple check.
-Tear an opponents armor. If the character wins the grapple check, the opponents armor takes TP damage equal to the difference between the rolls. This damage ignores the armor's DU. What those are is discussed in detail in the armor section. (Clothes have 25 TP)
-Escape the grapple.
-Force a creature into a Submission Hold.

In addition, the following actions can be done without a check or using a turn while in a grapple.
-Shift your own armor.
-Remove your own armor. An opposing creature can attempt to prevent this, in which case this action becomes Escape Grapple.
-Release a creature that you are grappling with. An opposing creature can attempt to prevent this, in which case this action becomes Escape Grapple.

Also, the following can be done without making a grapple check, but if so, the character can take no other actions and takes a -4 penalty to their grapple check to prevent whatever the enemy is attempting to do.
-Cast a spell. Direct spells like Bolt and Touch spells require that the character win a grapple check in order to hit, and AoE spells require an attack roll.
-Use a power that isn't a direct attack. Direct attacks and AoE attacks work just like spells as above.
-Use a Succubus Power that requires a turn.

Group Grapples
When multiple creatures are in a grapple, generally it will be multiple weaker creatures trying to grapple one stronger one (r multiple monsters trying to grab the same PC.)
In this case, each "side" is treated as a single monster capable of multiple actions. Each monster gets a single d20 roll, but they also get a bonus to that grapple roll equal to 1/2 the grapple modifier of the creature(s) grappling the same target.
If multiple monsters attempt the same thing for that turn, then the roll becomes 1d20 + the total grapple modifier of each of the creatures.
Finally, if multiple creatures that are not allied attempts to do something, each only rolls a grapple check against the target of their action for that round.
Creatures attempting to join a grapple make their attack roll against whichever creature has the lowest Dodge value.

EXP can be spent in the following ways:
2 exp can be traded for a +2 bonus to any one of the character's three main stats. (Body, Mind or Spirit)
8 exp can be traded to grant the character a General Talent or any Talent from their class list.
16 exp can be traded for any Talent from a list other than the list of General Talents or the character's main Talent list.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Rules!

Battle Records!

Here will be a list of the combatants, and the total number of fights they have won and lost, as well as their matches and their lists of opponents.

The format goes:

Name of character (Wins, Losses, Matches) List of opponents defeated; list of opponents defeated by

Tamonten (2, 1, 3) Enigma, Auralice (Draw), Tomoe ; Enigma

Enigma (1, 3, 4) Tamonten ; Auralice, Tamonten, Nala

Auralice (3, 0, 3) Enigma, Tamonten (Draw,) Luciana (Draw) ; None

Iggy (0, 2, 2) None ; Mitsuki, Luciana

Mitsuki (1, 0, 1) Iggy ; None

Bakan (2, 1, 3) Alex/Pale, Ione ; Tomoe

Maya (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Ione (0, 1, 1) None ; Bakan

Vira (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Tomoe (1, 2, 3) Bakan ; Nadia, Tamonten

Naltaibur (1, 0, 1) Six (Draw) ; None

Alexandra (1, 1, 2) Alice ; Pale/Bakan

Pale (1, 2, 3) Luciana ; Nadia, Alex/Bakan

Luciana (4, 1, 5) Nadia (Draw,) Nala, Iggy, Auralice (Draw) ; Pale

Nadia (3, 0, 3) Tomoe, Luciana (Draw,) Pale ; None

Skye (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Six (1, 1, 2) Naltaibur (Draw) ; Nerzalil

Surka (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Zaro (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Lily (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Nala (1, 1, 2) Enigma ; Luciana

Nerzalil (1, 0, 1) Six ; None

Anthriel (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Nameless (0, 0, 0) None ; None

Alice (0, 1, 1) None ; Alex
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Rules!

All of the above was for Mud Wrestling. This post is anything rules-like that will be for Tournament of Champions.

Firstly, initiative: 3d10 + Speed, whoever rolls higher resolves first. Also, defensive acts always resolve first, including buffs, skills, and pretty much anything that's not either offensive or movement.

Something that came up in recent fights was that maybe it would be better to roll first round and then alternate who goes first. This is currently an optional rule, but might become the default later on.

Random Arena Generation

Roll a d6 for the environment!
1 = Open Field, a pleasant open area surrounded by woodlands.
2 = Embattled Forest, a forest with signs of recent carnage.
3 = The Bloodied Hills, a rocky hillside or valley with sparse or no greenery.
4 = The Halls of Battle, an arena within the halls where warriors spar.
5 = Red River, the banks of a raging river leading out to the coast.
6 = The Marshes, a battlefield surrounded by bogs.

For funsies, roll an additional d6!
1 = Requisite all quiet result.
2 = Spectators, a group of people show up to watch. The winner may offer them a turn on the loser if they like.
3 = Stage Hazard, there is some danger present in the area that you are free to describe and make rules for.
4 = Invaders, like 2 but they take a more... Active role in the fight.
5 = Stage Hazard and Spectators.
6 = Stage Hazard and Invaders.

Characters involved in the Tournament of Champions would logically grow stronger from fighting equally matched or strong opponents. This, however, is a noncanon for fun thing, so I am not going to give it to any of you in such a way that it would affect characters in play or that might someday acquire a thread. Instead, starting level characters who go up against experienced characters may choose one of two options.

The complex action is to look at how much xp their opponent has and the value of their gear, and take the same. These changes don't go on the character sheet, but at the top of the doc either listed with all ensuing changes to stats, or in a secondary character sheet for the fight itself.

The simpler action is to take that XP and equipment value difference, divide the equipment value by 20 rounded naturally, and then distribute that as evenly as possible as a bonus to to-hit, damage, grapple, dodge, and any other relevant stats for the character. Things like Resistances and AV will naturally go up more slowly, so they increase at half the rate.

Actions are normally placed into googledoc pages that are hidden from other players, to keep what each character is trying to do a secret. It is preferable for the GM that you calculate all of your rules out as explicitly as possible so that they don't have to look anything up.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Rules!

In the interest of playtesting, I figured I would open up a few simple options for fighting NPCs/monsters as a sort of PvE that PCs may engage in either as a group or individually. The list will remain here and perhaps gradually expand, either including things with stats or things I can easily make stats for. Short descriptions will be in place here next to each entry, as well as potential links to monster sheets if applicable and I've already statted them.

-Battle Ogre (buffed ogre in heavy darksteel armor, mostly so that I can test/modify how juggernaut works)
-Battle Ogre Mark 3 (Ogre in powered combat armor, not actually ready yet but someday)
-Bladebeast (Fight that one miniboss Tamonten fought, updated for DG4 rules and heavily buffed to do cool monster things)
-Ravepede (Also a thing that Tamonten fought, shoots eye lasers)
-Elawdrin (fallen angel, eugenics expert, cosplay enthusiast.... Why would you do this to yourself?)
-Alien Swarm (Fight a group of monsters until you lose or get bored. Start off light, but depend on a 1-5 difficulty setting. Hunters don't get sneak attacks below difficulty 4)
-Demon Swarm (Similar to above)
-Garruk (Big buff manly goatman)
-Krig (fluffbutt who may be mildly terrifying, because why not)
-Haedrin (Summer knight, champion of all things good, pink text. Manliest character in DG by a wide margin)
-Bandits/Goblins/Mooks of some other variety (probably easier than swarms, see how well your PC can handle groups of gribblies)
-Orcs (different from above because orcs are less mook than most basic fighter types)
-Assorted (randomly determine the type of waves, could be aliens/orcs/goblins/demons/etc at random)

Swarm Difficulties
Easy - A boss type enemy instead of a group of enemies every 3 waves, each wave only includes one group of enemies numbered according to the power of their type but generally be about 3-6.
Average - A boss type enemy included among a smaller group of enemies every 3 waves, each wave includes a main group and a reinforcing group numbered according to the power of their type, but generally about 4-8.
Challenging - A boss type included among a normal sized group of enemies every other wave, each wave includes two main groups with a reinforcing group, each numbering about 5-10 depending on the power of the type.
Nightmare - A boss type included at the end of every wave among the groups, each wave consists of 3 groups of enemies each with a reinforcing group. Numbered as challenging.

Main Groups - The starting squad of enemies, usually have fairly simple stats.
Reinforcing Groups - The secondary squads of enemies who show up within a couple of waves to reinforce a main group, often more unusual in stats but fewer in number.
Boss Types - Stronger enemies who have PC level stats, generally roughly tier 3 enemies if using template stats.
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