(Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

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Link to ye Book

Introduction: I'm starting up this interest/sign-up in the hopes of finally settling my score with DnD and finishing a campaign so I can say I did it, even if I'm the DM. And of course it's going to have ero content, so a bit of a disclaimer: If it exists in the monster list of dnd, you might get fucked by it if you play this rp. This RP will also feature alternative forms of defeat instead of death in the event of Loss or Failure, including but not limited to, slavery, torture, rape, and brood sowing. Any of the above might occur through both poor decisions and bad luck. At worst, be prepared for a Dark Souls-like experience, where losing is very much a possibility, but is never the end of the adventure.

With that out of the way, I'm hoping to make sure that all players are on the same page with how this campaign will play out. It is an erotic-focused Campaign, which means a virgin run attempt will be admirable but probably unlikely. Now that all the bad is out of the way, I'm hoping to run a campaign based around a (hopefully) good story with a focus on fun, challenge, and problem solving.

Postrate: I'm hoping everyone can make one post per day.

The Game: I'm using DnD Basic because I'm honestly hoping to eliminate a lot of the complications of dnd in favor of running a very simple and trackable game without too much confusion or stats to keep track of. Unfortunately DnD is complicated by nature, but DnD basic offers some resolution. I'm also going to be using some fairly open house rules, allowing people to express themselves. If you've ever played Land of Beasts with me, you'll know what to expect.

Corruption (Optional) and other additions: I will also be house ruling some mechanics as far as erotic content goes. It'll mostly be in regards to grappling and status effects in regards to arousal and other mental affects. Minor changes such as debuffs are mostly to be expected. In addition, I want to add corruption to the game to simulate your character's behavior changing based on their sexual experiences, but this is entirely optional for individual players. No group decision needed. All it will do is add milestones for how much sex your character had and whether it was consensual or not, and when milestones are reached players have the option of letting me decide or adding a trait to their character in regards to their sexual prowess, such as a gained fetish, or heightened skill with pleasing partners, or anything else that can be thought of. Though the trait should be appropriate with past experiences.

Character Creation: (Using Point-Buy) If you're interested, make a character sheet using this site, also located in resources, http://www.orcpub.com/. When you're done, be sure to export your sheet using the bottom most option on the left and attach it here. I THINK attachments should work here, but this will be how your character is saved, and if you want to post the stats listed in text on here too, that's fine as well (a bit easier for me to read too, but I'm trying to create a convenience for you.)

Custom Things: Feel absolutely free to create a custom class or background or whatever the flip you want. Everything is binary as far as I can see, so as long as the class you create matches the one you're modeling it after, all is well. For example, if you want to use spells like a wizard, but also want to change something up about it, such as which stats give better saving rolls, go for it, and swap something out 1:1. However, try to avoid trying to change things that are really complicated, like class traits. In fact, I highly recommend you pick a custom background. Don't be scared to give creativity a try, even if you should be because I WILL JUDGE YOU HARSHLY! And stuff.

Anyway, I'll be leaving this here to collect dust or gain attention, use this link to make a character, Link to ye Book

As a final note, I plan on keeping this going even if people drop, and given the track record of my previous GM'ing attempts, they DO drop. If you drop, you will be left behind and can be collected later if you want to rejoin. You may also join even if the campaign has started. We can work out the details. I won't worry about too many players, since most will be too meek to join a campaign that's already going anyway.

Sorry if this is sloppy.

Plot: In this world, there are many heroes. A set of such heroes were chosen to face a great evil that threatened to corrupt the land, turning villages wicked and destroying human and animal morals alike. The result of which had gratuitous acts of debauchery occurring throughout the land. These heroes were called to rise against this evil, but... You were not among these heroes. Instead, you were their children, following their victory against the unknown demon. You were raised in their likeness, taught to be heroes just like them, but not all of you were like your birth parents, thanks to the demon's influences, many children of the heroes that rose up were of different races. A silent but true tragedy of the heroes being taken by monstrous and otherworldly creatures, and then born and raised, left ignorant to such tragedies. As each child grew in skill and prowess, those who faced the demon themselves sometimes showed cloudy expressions. As if raising these children wasn't just their pride, but their purpose...

Oddly enough, the children born from these heroes, and raised to be such, were all women from the humble but large and prolific merchant town of Waymeet. As these girls came of age, of many different races, they had no idea that they would play a vital role in the defeated demon's Revenge...
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Apr 23, 2013
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

Kat sheet: http://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3nCGTjRRc7zQVVhcE5DZHh2ZVk/view

Kat outfit: Effectively this but with Wrappings instead of the breastplate.

Alternative Kat apperance and outfit: http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4468239

Corruption points: 1/2
Trauma: 89 / 100

Languages: Common, Gnollish

Kat Inventory:
2 Hand Axes


Other: Bagpipes, Deck of Cards, basic clothes 44GP.

Dungeoner Pack:
9 1/2 rations, waterskin, rope hempen, Hammer, Crowbar, 10 pitons, 10 torches, tinderbox

Loot pickups:
460 copper, 220 silver, 72 gold.
Fine Cloth Choker (which she may or may not have snuck out of the loot pile without anyone noticing)

Bonus: Brood Mother: When giving birth, roll 20 on d20 to turn child into a minion
(Acquiring this further increases the roll by +1)

Negatives: Enjoying it: Increase hostile crit threshold during sex.
(ex. 20 becomes 19-20)
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

[Tell me if I forgot anything]

Kiera (with added info)



3 daggers
-20 arrows

-Map of village
-Pet Mouse
-Shortsword Sheath (Parental token)
-Common clothes
-Belt pouch
-10 gp

Dungeoneer's Pack​
-10 pitons
-10 torches
-50 ft of hempen rope
-10 days rations

Thieves' tools​
-Small file
-Set of lockpicks
-Small mirror on metal handle
-Narrow bladed scissors
-Pair of pliers


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Jan 21, 2016
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information


Rp stuffs:
Name: Xarkana The Vile
General description: A 5'9 tall, pale human woman with an unholy purple glow in her eyes whenever she chants one of her spells. She has half long dark hair and a calm, disciplined demeanor.
Class: Fiendpact Warlock
Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal
Backround: Noble (albeit disowned)
Xarkana, born Anna von Rosenheim was born as the child of two holy knights that had faced and ultimately overcome the wicked, breeding monsters.
She had a loving, disciplined virtuous childhood.
One says that children always rebel a little. Xarkana might be a bit more on the extreme spectrum of this. While still keeping her Fathers leadership skills and her mothers tactical abilities, she rejected everything they stood for, devoting her soul to evil. A fiend that had been bested and banished by her parents more than gladly provided her with acess to a higher up devil to grant her both the power and evil she craved.
Law abiding, honorable and measured but also.. well, exeptionally evil and proud of it Xarkana reveled in her own ostracizion, seeing it as an excuse to dive ever deeper into dark studies. She does not appreciate the thought of being enslaved by lustful monsters, now if it was a powerful evil creature seeking to dominate the lands..

Mechanics stuff:
LE Warlock, level: 1 HP: 10 AC: 13 Init: +2 Strong saves: Cha and Wis
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 16

+4 Dagger of poking (1d4+3)

Feat: Spell sniper
Racial: +1 Charisma and Dexterity, 1 additional skill and feat

Skills profiencies:
Intimidation, Persuasion (+5)
Arcana, History, Religion (+3)

2x Dagger(one has a -1 penalty but looks impressively ritualistic), Leather armor, arcane focus(black grimoire), a fine set of clothes, a pouch with 25 gold, a beautiful but destroyed sigil ring depicting a blade and a rose.

Spells: (Dc 13+ Spell grade)
Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation, Create Bonfire

Grade 1: Hex, Command
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Jan 29, 2017
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

Kethanua Dolohemion, who has possibly never been to Waymeet, or even the surface world


So should I start at L2 with everyone else, or down on the ground floor?
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Jan 1, 2009
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

I posted the sign-up thread's intro into the first post here, for new players to read. I forgot that I wrote it long ago.


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

Secondary PC incase the party gets captured and all that, or possibly will sub Kat out occasionally for her. Due to vote, at the moment at least, Anne wins, so Anicia will go into the pool incase somehow gets to be used later.

Anne the Sun Soul Pixie
(Note, has fly speed of 35, walking speed of 25)

Corruption points: 0/3
Trauma: 0 / 100
Diety: Lliira, Goddess of Joy

Languages: Common

Bonus: Brood Mother: When giving birth, roll 20 on d20 to turn child into a minion
(Acquiring this further increases the roll by +1)
Seduction: +1 to Cha rolls when using sex appeal, if giving sex, advantage

Negatives: Enjoying it: Increase hostile crit threshold during sex.
(ex. 20 becomes 19-20)
Exhibition: Increase Trauma by 1 if nude/exposed and witnessed by potential sex partners every 6 seconds/round.

Alternate to Anne

Anicia Valahovic
Potential alternate image for Anicia

And a hirable/if we need a scout girl (non-chained)

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Feb 6, 2009
Re: (Sheets) DnD: Unchained Character Information

Secondary PC.

Physical Decription (due to lack of suitable pic):
Aria is a young human woman of average height and with a lean build, her body more suited for feats of agility and endurace rather than strength. She has blonde hair, cut short to prevent it from getting snagged on something and blue eyes. She tends to sport a piercing, ice cold stare and a stoic expression, though she can emote a lot if she finds a need to. Carries a large heap of weaponry and equipment on herself and tends to dress in utilitarian clothing and black leather for protection. She has fair skin with few blemishes. Her body language hints at a sense of detachment from others that can make her hard to approach, especially when combined with her silent demeanour.
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