The Eternal Battlefield (ToC PvP-only)


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Jan 5, 2011
Re: The Eternal Battlefield (ToC PvP-only)

The dragonkin's heart sunk anew at the other woman's refusal. She would've rather had her heart cut out than to be so thoroughly degraded in front of so many people. It was better than the alternative where the audience would also take an active role in her humiliation, but the lesser of two terrors was still terrifying to the prideful dragon. Beyond that, the other woman's refusal ignited a spark of clarity amidst all of Nocri's fear: the only promise that she wouldn't meet both fates anyway was the word of a vampire who wanted to thoroughly break her. How could she ever actually know if the other woman would keep her word until she was already at risk of being served as a toy to every member of the feast hall rabble? Was she a lamb marching toward her own slaughter?

In that silent moment before Liselotte moved to remount her, panic got the best of the dragon. She wasn't thinking about the dangers of attempting to disobey winner's rights in the daemonic realm or what punishment the vampire would dole out for her disobedience. Nocri had nothing on her mind but fear when she suddenly lashed out by headbutting the other woman directly in the crotch and, by extension, her new manhood. It didn't have much force behind it, given that the dragonkin was on all fours, hadn't been given her strength back after the battle, and wasn't thinking clearly enough to include her dangerous horns into the attack, but the sudden strike wasn't about pride or dealing her tormentor one last effective blow. The fluffy-tailed dragon was acting only as a cornered animal who wanted to flee.

The taller warrior didn't stop for even a second to determine the effectiveness of her attack -- if there even was any effectiveness at all -- before she started attempting to escape by crawling in the opposite direction of her conqueror and the door to the feast hall. She moved at a snail's pace, still too weak to overcome the telekinetic bindings holding her down on all fours and filled to the brim with the vampire's tentacles. There was little chance that she'd make it more than a few feet before the vampire stopped her. The terrified half-dragon was well past the point of rationality, however. Attempting to flee was a loss of pride in itself, but there was no way she was going to trust that the vengeful leech wouldn't go back on her word and inflict every humiliation in the world upon the dragonkin. She had to at least try.
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