Tournament of Champions!


Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
A new tournament has been called, and all are welcome!

This is basically going to be similar to mud wrestling, but a bit less restrictive for the purpose of testing the DG4 beta rules in a more general sense. I will probably be writing a lot less for it overall, though I also doubt I'll resist the temptation to throw some of my own characters into the mix at one point or another.

The basic rules are as follows;
-Any character who has been statted with the DG4 rules, be they derpgen or actively played character or character that one intends to play eventually, may participate. Other characters are welcome in the roleplaying areas for funsies, but if you want to fight you have to be in the DG4 rules or willing to work with someone to update you to it.
-A GM will be doing all of the rolling, though pretty much anyone familiar with the run of the system is welcome to fill that role besides me. Hafnium and Astarte I know could probably do it, though if they'll actually want to is up to them.
-Descriptive posts will be made by each player, followed by a message that is in some way private being sent to whoever is rolling for the fight with the mechanics of their action. Then the GM rolls and puts up a post with the results.
-Initiative will be determined by 3d10+Speed rolls, assuming that no skills or the like cause someone to go last.
-Fights are won by whichever metric the two players agree upon, though the traditional rule of; "whoever becomes unable to fight first loses" seems reasonable as a basic rule. That means dropping to 0 HP, 0 EP, or any other method of complete incapacitation is viable. You may also do first to three, first to five, or whatever you'd like.
-There isn't much introduction necessary for a match unless people want to bother with it. One of the most fun things about mud wrestling was all of the meetings between the various characters, but it's not a necessity if people just want to throw two derpgens against one another and see who will win in a fight. That said, you can do what you want with this, and there will probably be a non-combat thread for the fun derp if I get enough interest in it.
-Winners rights are in effect. :3 (To those that don't know what that means somehow; if people want do post combat smut in which the winner dominates, humiliates, inseminates, or any other "ates" you might think of to the loser, feel free.)
-Players are welcome to agree upon temporary rules changes at the start of combat. Want to see what it'd be like with fewer dice? Go ahead. Want to see how it would run with number of successes alla trades instead of comparative values? Go ahead. Want to handicap one or both characters somehow? That's fine. This is both to encourage testing and to evaluate how well existing things work, and so long as both (or all) players agree upon it, anything goes.
-Everything goes. Warriors, wielders, mages, succubi or any combination you might think of may participate, using the full range of their abilities. Obviously we want a good fight or two out of this, so I would at least ask that the all-in alpha strike or save-or-die stuff be mostly avoided, but that's a very soft sort of "don't" that I am not really going to bother to enforce.
-Keep in mind that no one is obligated to roleplay with anyone else. If you approach someone and they turn you down or ignore you, just don't let it bother you.

I may, at some point, opt to allow people to fight NPCs or monsters for more general testing, but that's not where I'd like this to start. So, without further adieu, the FLUFF!

~~~The Strongest Prevails~~~

The goddess of war - or perhaps the goddess of war to be more accurately - looked down upon Donevrion with contempt and pity. So many weak souls, bereft of the courage and determination to be the best that they could be, mired the channels of essence and emotion the crisscrossed the worlds' surface. But some... Some were made of sterner stuff. Some were worthy, or at least worth looking out for. Yes, some... But to weed out those who were strong enough to be worth of a most glorious afterlife one day from those who were naught but paper tigers? A contest was in order!

Each would be given an invitation... An invitation that was not to be refused, and here they would come, to her realm. Battle would be joined, again and again and again, and neither time nor death were an obstacle that could not be easily overcome to bring the best together to see.... See which among them was to become a true Champion, and which were better suited to being servants to those of a higher caliber.

Sitting back against her throne of iron and bone and bronze and blood, a smile crept over the face of the armored goddess. Yes... This would certainly be very interesting to watch. Perhaps the best might even put up a decent fight against her, and if they did... It wouldn't hurt to allow them to warm her bedchambers in exchange for the entertainment.


The characters are all basically in Valhalla, so if you'd like to do stuff between fights feel free to describe things appropriately. That said, it's a daemon realm; you can fight or have any sort of fun you might imagine in any environment you'd like. I will leave this thread open, feel free to fill it with prospective combatants. Please keep it to one post per person, the actual sheets should either be in the Derpgen thread in the GM Test forum or the character sheets thread. Link to your sheets here, maybe with a description, and handle your challenges in the other threads.

Random Arena Generation
For those making an arena for people to fight in that can't quite decide how the battlefield should look, either in the Eternal Battlefield or in another thread, feel free to use this random table.
Roll a d6 for the environment!
1 = Open Field, a pleasant open area surrounded by woodlands.
2 = Embattled Forest, a forest with signs of recent carnage.
3 = The Bloodied Hills, a rocky hillside or valley with sparse or no greenery.
4 = The Halls of Battle, an arena within the halls where warriors spar.
5 = Red River, the banks of a raging river leading out to the coast.
6 = The Marshes, a battlefield surrounded by bogs.

For funsies, roll an additional d6!
1 = Requisite all quiet result.
2 = Spectators, a group of people show up to watch. The winner may offer them a turn on the loser if they like.
3 = Stage Hazard, there is some danger present in the area that you are free to describe and make rules for.
4 = Invaders, like 2 but they take a more... Active role in the fight.
5 = Stage Hazard and Spectators.
6 = Stage Hazard and Invaders.
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Despair Fetishist
Jan 5, 2011
Re: Tournament of Champions!

PvP dicks. Sure, why not.

Nocri, a large fluffdragon.
Tamonten, human honorary faerie knight and large sword aficionado.
Oormi, blind kitsune mage stabber.
Anthea, Crolian witch.
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Tentacle Monster
Dec 28, 2014
Re: Tournament of Champions!

Well, I've got a bunch of characters I can throw in here.

Any of my currently active characters:

Laelia, Kitsune Warrior/Mechanic.
Luminita, Dragonkin Spirit Wielder, mostly a natural weapon fighter.
Lyra, Faerie Knight of the Spring Court. (Warrior/Mage) (Note: Current stats in the sheet represent her without her armour, as she's not wearing it in the thread right now. Will need to adjust that, but it's only a couple of number changes.)

Also a bunch of derpgens I will edit in as I make sure they are up to date (Would probably use any of the first three first, but these are all here as options):

Liselotte Former noblewoman turned Psionic Vampire. She also has a lot of swords.
Ianthe, Fallen Angel Berserker. (Note: See OOC section at the bottom for weapon stats. She's supposed to have an artifact weapon, but since she isn't an active character and therefore has no GM, it has no stats yet, so I made her an alternate weapon as if she had swapped Artifact Holder for wealthy, for the purposes of these fights. Also likely the most powerful character of all of mine, despite being only at starting stats.)
Senka, Kumiho serial killer and heart eater. (Not really well suited for this, since she's very much an all-or-nothing stealth build, but she's an option).
Rani, Human monk and martial artist.
Iris, a Pixie mage. Not the best suited for pvp, with that nice 22 HP, but is an option.
Raisa, Blind Fluffdragon martial artist.
Shiori, Fluffaerie spellsword.
Inocri, large fluffy dragon vampire of yet unrevealed origins. It's not hard to figure out though. (She is also kind of a monster.)
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Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
Re: Tournament of Champions!

Out of pure laziness, I guess I'll support Tass' want to get this rolling by putting Routa here.

Routa, the Stampede
Name: Routa
Class: Warrior
Race: Crolian
Sex: Female

Body: 54
Mind: 10
Spirit: 10

Hit Points (HP): 104
Pleasure to Orgasm (PP): 72
Spirit Energy (EP): 42
Speed: 25(22)
Dodge: 8d10+2 (11d10+2 Unarmed)
Armor: 12+10=10(22)
Perception: 2d10
Stealth: 2d10
Grapple: 18d10+6
Spirit Ceiling:

Reflexes = 27
Focus = 12
Willpower = 12


Battle Hardened - +8 AV
Resilient - +30 HP
Heavy Weapons Specialist - +1d10 bonus to-hit, +10 Damage
Skill with Flail - +3d10 to-hit, +1 skill (Heavy Metal)
Healthy - +20 HP
Exceptionalx3: +24 Body
Skilled - x3 skills (Mounted Training, Superior Grappler, Untemptable)
Grapple Expert - +3d10 to grapple, +1 skill(Sup.Grappler)
Grapple Expert - +3d10 to grapple, +1 skill(Powerful Embrace)
Unarmed Fighter - +3d10 dodge when not using weapon
Natural Succubus(Kama-sutra) - Upgraded pleasure damage
Natural Succubus(Just Getting Started) - +30 PP, +1 succubus power

Obvious: Reroll 9s
Sluggish: -10 Speed


>Guillotine (Passive) - When the character makes an attack against a target with less than 30 HP or half health remaining (whichever is lower,) makes an attack that brings the target below or 30 HP remaining, or deals more than half their target's max HP in damage with a single attack, they make a Reflexes check against that target. On success, the target dies (or falls unconscious depending on fluff) instantly. Requires Heavy Weapon Specialist. The character also gets a +5 bonus to Parry checks against targets with less than half health.
>Slay – The character takes a -2d10 penalty on their attack roll and a -2d10 penalty to Dodge until their next turn. In exchange, their bonus to damage from Body increases by one step, usually from +Body/2 to +Body. Requires Heavy Weapons Specialist.
>Heavy Metal - The character delays their standard action until the end of the round, but in exchange gets a +10 bonus to natural AV. Targets hit by the character's attack must win a Reflexes check against the user or become Stunned. In addition, every attack made against the character until the end of the round, whether the attacks hit or miss, grants the user a cumulative +2 bonus to the stun check, along with a cumulative +1d10 bonus to attack and +5 bonus to damage until the character's next action. Requires Heavy Weapons Specialist.
>Ground Slam - Forsaking damage, the character strikes the ground with all their might, sending a shockwave that knocks any creature within 10 feet of the character Prone unless they win a Reflexes check against the character, who takes a -4 penalty to their check. Requires Skill with One Handed or Two Handed Blunt Weapons.
>Berserker (Passive) – The character gets a +2 bonus to weapon attack rolls, Natural AV, Grapple checks, and melee weapon damage. Requires the Bloodthirsty Flaw.
>Rage – The character enters a frenzy as a free action, getting a 2d10 bonus to attack rolls and Grapple, a +6 bonus to melee weapon damage, a +10 bonus to Bull Rush and Overrun checks both offensive and defensively, and a +10 bonus to Natural AV. Their Dodge and Parry dice are all treated as if they had been a roll of 2, the character cannot communicate with other creatures or act in a rational manner, cannot go out of their way to avoid danger even if it is obvious if such would leave them unable to attack something, cannot cast spells or use powers, and must attack in some way (even if only to start a grapple check or by making a Bull Rush or Overrun check) every round or fall out of rage. While enraged, they get a +10 bonus to Resistance checks to avoid the Horny, Charmed, Dominated, or Stunned statuses, though they cannot enter Rage while under any of those statuses and then get a bonus to resisting it, and have a +5 bonus to Willpower checks otherwise and a +10 bonus to offensive Reflexes checks,
but take a -5 penalty to Focus checks and to defensive Reflexes check. Leaving rage causes the character to gain an instance of the Weakened status that lasts until the battle ends. For the purpose of whether or not a character would leave rage, pleasure attacks do count as attacks. Requires Berserker.
>Knight (Passive) – The character gets a +2 bonus to AV, Dodge, all attacks rolls, and damage rolls for all melee attacks. Requires: Honorable. Knight (Passive) – The character gets a +2 bonus to Natural AV, Dodge, weapon attacks rolls, and damage rolls for all melee attacks. Requires: Honorable.
>Mounted Training (Passive) - The character is especially adept at fighting on the back of a moving creature or while riding in a vehicle. They no longer take penalties to Dodge from being mounted, and all of the penalties to attack rolls are reduced by 1d10. In addition, they gain a +8 bonus to all Resistance checks involving mounts, and the creature they are riding gains a +10 bonus to Dodge.
>Superior Grappler - +1d10 Grapple, +2 Damage for P.Embrace, Stranglehold, and attacks
>Superior Grappler - +1d10 Grapple, +2 Damage for P.Embrace, Stranglehold, and attacks
>Powerful Embrace (Passive) - The character is well versed in the art of the bear-hug. The character may choose to automatically deal 1d10 + 4(+4) damage that ignores all AV (like paid HP) per round when in grapples when they're the dominant grappler (i.e. they've won the grapple check that round). Creatures with the Malleable Form mutation cannot take damage from this skill. Requires Grapple Expert.
>Untemptable (Passive) - Gain 2d10 Dodge against succubus powers, all Resistance checks against Succubus abilities get a +10 bonus, and the character can resist an additional 5 PP when trying to resist pleasure.
>Iron Body (Passive) - The character may use defensive fighting in order to exchange attack for Natural AV, at a rate of 5 AV for every d10 sacrificed from attack. In addition, using Full Defense also grants the character Damage Reduction 1/2 for that round. Requires Unarmed Fighter.

Succubus Powers:
Stunning Gaze: 2+3x EP. One Target within 30ft. Resistance(+X) vs. Willpower. Stunned for X+1 Rounds. Standard action that may not be used if spirit powers sealed.

Pleasure Damage:
Penetration = 2d10 + 27
Foreplay = 2d6 + 18
Orgasm Threshold = 3


(10d10+4d10+4 = 14d10+8) 2d10 + 41
(10d10+8) 1d8 + 29

Badarian Flack Jacket: AV = 8+2, EV = 3, TP = 30, DU = 2. Weak against Bludgeoning. Strong against Piercing. Weak against Slashing. Bullet Resistant (only attacks that ignore all AV ignore defense granted by this armor)

Bakan DG4
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Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Tournament of Champions!

Vampire snek derpgen slightly revamped from the original version. Likes to horribly maul people with poisoned attacks and then give them hugs.

Kavika who was already updated to the DG4 rules.

Nadia updated for DG4

Iriel, orc daughter of Kavika, fun derpgen

Chocolat, catgirl knight, former character for knight thread

Ona, dragonkin warrior, former gm test character

Lenalee, lightning witch in play under Haf

Morgamere, sidhefluff dancer who is an attempt to make a derp idea work

Mylallas, night elf stone mage type.
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Tentacle God
Jun 3, 2011
Re: Tournament of Champions!

I've got
Cinder- Dragonkin Asshole
Haro- Bloodthirsty, Selfish, Lustful, Dominant, she's the last oni you want to get drunk in your bar, especially if there's an elf around.

Both are warriors. Cinder (aka Maen) only uses natural weapons, as they are the only things that his heritage gave him and thus are perfect and Haro uses a sledgehammer and eats rocks and shits bricks. Both are just starters.
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Jan 8, 2011
Re: Tournament of Champions!

I have

Tlech, a punchy gobbo who likes giving blowjobs. And also other things probably maybe.

Victoria, a vampire bloodknight. Hue.

Sophia, a derpy alarune mage who mostly summons shit!

Qadira, a grappling catgirl succubutt.

Izria, an Ifrit mage who specializes in blowing shit up with fire.

Alice, a blind swordswoman who shadows about.

Eulalia, a mad necromancer

Yamila, a funloving naga succubus. Warning: Results may vary, "fun" not refundable.

Ilona, a psychic mermaid.

Irene, a glass cannon harpy mage.

Krav'a, an orcish scout and warrior.

Evie, a happy-go-lucky not-kobold adventurer.
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Demon Girl
Sep 29, 2017
Re: Tournament of Champions!

I would like to play as well if anyone would be so kind as to indulge me?

May I introduce, Tilda.

I likely overlooked something or made some sort of error so if anyone is willing to look it over I would be appreciated. Otherwise I would like to challenge whomever is willing to battle. I assume that anyone who is interested could just get in contact with me (via pm perhaps?) to set something up? Not really sure how this all works but since its a beta thing, may as well try it out.

Also, this is what she should look like.
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