(Treasure) D&D Unchained Treasure Tracker

Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
Homebrew Business Rules

This will be the tracker for loot hoards that you have gathered. Until you declare here that you take/spend/throw away something in this in a post below, this will act like a stash of sorts for your shit. I won't sort it, just remove shit where necessary.

You cannot remove things in parts. You have to remove each item in it's entirety. (Ex. X takes 70gp. NOT: X takes 69gp)

Sane Magic Prices

Lionhart Mine Loot (Found by Quincy)

1900 cp, 1200 sp, Azurite (10 gp), 2 x Banded agate (10 gp), 2 x Eye agate (10 gp), Hematite (10 gp), Malachite (10 gp), Rhodochrosite (10 gp), Tiger eye (10 gp), Spell Scroll (Animal Friendship) (common, dmg 200), Potion of Healing (common, dmg 187)
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